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LOST ROADS Colombia’s guerrilla-controlled region Caquetá remained a mystery for more than 60 years. That inspired Chevrolet to bring its global ‘find new roads’ purpose into reality with a documentary that premiered on Discovery Channel across Latin America. It unlocks a stunning landscape with a history of danger and violence. Chevy tells the story of Caquetá through a new lens, showcasing the region’s natural wonder and beauty with the help of former guerrilla’s as perfect local guides.
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From Hydro to Crypto "Costa Rica has run on more than 98% clean energy for over 7 consecutive years, one of the highest rates of renewable energy generation in the world. Conversely, crypto-mining is facing growing demands to become greener. Bitcoin alone, adds 40 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per year and consumes ‘more electricity than Argentina’. In 2020, the Costa Rican government began canceling contracts from private hydroelectric plants due to a surplus power supply, and since there is a monopoly on electricity distribution, they could no longer sell their green energy to anyone else. By law! After in-depth research and creative strategizing, Data Center CR was launched. One of the world's first green crypto mining centers powered exclusively by water. A new way of commercializing clean energy without selling it. A successful transformation to future-proof, not just the business, but Costa Rica's entire approach to its clean energy surplus."
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The Annexation Buckets "Guaitil is an indigenous community that joined Costa Rica 197 years ago. They were affected by the pandemic because their only income are the sales of their ancestral handicrafts with more than 5000 years of history. To celebrate the anniversary of their annexation to Costa Rica and to help them, we at KFC made a very special order: The Annexation Buckets. A special edition of 45 unique in the world buckets, made with the ancestral techniques of their indigenous people. Hand-crafter, sand-based iguana, baked in clay ovens and dried in the sun, then decorated by different native artisans."
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The Independence Type "Our Declaration of Independence turned 200 years, so it had to be restored to never be shown in public again due to its deterioration. They could lock up our Declaration but not what it represents, that’s why we created The Independence Type. We studied our Declaration thoroughly with experts and historians to rescue every stroke made by hand, and designed a typography to put into the hands of every Costa Rican. You could customize a message and download the type. +600 companies joined the campaign, it was made the oficial type of the Bicentenary and it will be declared of cultural interest."
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SIGNS FROM BEYOND Traffic accidents are the leading causes of death among young Mexican people. The crosses on the road serve as a reminder of a fatal accident and are clear evidence of this problem. So on November 2nd, these crosses were intervened with handmade traffic sings made with the same craft as the traditional "Day of the dead" offerings. Using data analysis, we detected the areas with the highest rate of accidents, we located the crossroads in their surroundings, and we placed the signs to leave a warning message for everyone to see.
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MODELO SALT Through a different brand experience and innovation, this idea aims to bring the brand into even more consumption moments. Through the introduction of a new product line, our salt becomes an important ingredient in one of our major consumption moments, BBQs, accompanying our current lineup in a way our competition can’t match, strengthening the emotional bond we create with consumers.
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THIS IS NOT ATLANTIS "Every year, the bottom of the sea is buried by 12.7 million tons of plastic waste, seriously damaging our natural paradises. By 2050, it is expected that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Therefore, to show people this problem and raise awareness about single-use plastic, we transformed this waste into a large submerged city capable of destroying the ecosystem. Finally, we encouraged people to log into and join Corona's NET-ZERO plastic footprint movement. How do we build a city that looks real and raises awareness? We teamed up with Salamagica Studio, and artisanally began the photographic process. Together, we altered each plastic garbage piece using different techniques, adding deterioration textures and marine features before digitizing each piece. Thus, we mimicked the 12.7 million tons of single-use plastic garbage, the equivalent of New York or Paris, that gets dumped into our oceans each year, portraying the real and crude world that marine fauna and our oceans experience. This is a simple, yet powerful message, raising awareness on our daily plastic consumption habits."
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El Taier DDB Guatemala Cerveza Corona Referencias
THE ENDLESS JOURNEY "Migrant children are vulnerable to situations that violate their rights, such as: being arrested, Being exposed to organized crime or human trafficking, Suffering sexual violence and discrimination, going hungry and cold, Not having access to health services, and even death. Every day 300 Guatemalan children and adolescents are detained at the borders of Mexico and the United States. And over 100 immigrant children have died since 2017. This film recreates a real story about a migrant child. It shows why his family decides to take him out of the country by any possible means. But as in the real-life story, this film has an awful end. The film builds a metaphor between Daniel's hard breathing in the cupboard and his death by suffocation in the truck that took him out of Guatemala. We open with a typical Guatemalan family scene interrupted by a local gang coming to take Daniel, the little son of this family, with them. We notice how they go into the house with violence; meanwhile, the kid gets hides in a wardrobe. "
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Plastic Killers "Through history, we have seen many serial killers, and terror icons, that personified the evil in this world and will continue to do so for many generations. There is, however, an often forgotten silent killer that keeps killing hundreds of species. Single-use plastic. To show this problem and generate awareness regarding single-use plastic, we transformed the stories of many famous criminals, revealing the silent killer. We took the stories of the world’s most famous criminals and used them to disclose the deadliest killer that nobody talks about and will continue to destroy marine life for centuries. In Guatemala and Latin America, Netflix’s most popular shows, like Narcos, Mind Hunter or American Crime Story, narrate the lives of historic criminals or assassins. This shows ranked top for more than 43 weeks in 2021. (Source, Netflix)."
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Sorority Profiles "62% of graduate college students in Costa Rica are women. Sadly, women are algo the most unemployed population in the country. In the last couple years Linked In has become the main platform for job searching among titled people, people with large communities have been favored do to the network’s algorithm, sadly many woman coming out of college don’t have the visibility to find jobs. That’s when we turn a space hardly anyone uses into an act of sorority: the Linked In profile’s cover. Using our own database to recruit high-rated alumni to donate their cover to professional women looking for jobs in their same fields. In other words, making the donor’s community also the applicant’s community. In this way we increase the visibility of the applicants in more than 1200% During the month of March hundreds of women donated their cover and today many applicants got a job in their respective fields. We turned an unused space into a tool to reduce the labor gap and made people aware of how sexism and stereotypes are affecting hundreds of women entering the labor market."
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