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The Check Ball Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men, yet 55% of them don't want to talk about it. How can we speak directly to them? Through men’s most loved sport: Football. In Costa Rica, since childhood, every men knows that if a lump appears on the ball, the game is over. That’s why we created The Check Ball: a ball with a lump and the steps for the self-examination. It became the official ball of the semifinals of 2019 national championship. During the campaign we got Google’s search peak of the year for “cáncer testicular”.
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Havas Costa Rica BlueCross BlueShield Referencias
The King's Secret Play In 2020, like all activities, Soccer, was suspended for months. However, and after a long wait, the Minister of Health authorized the return of the soccer games coinciding with the great opportunity of a special game, ´´EL CLÁSICO DEL FÚTBOL´´, the game between archrivals DEPORTIVO SAPRISSA and LIGA DEPORTIVA ALAJUELENSE. The first classic to be played during a pandemic in all of Latin America. Our competition used to invest large amounts of money, with a large budget and media plan, they actually had everything ready to steal the show from us. If they were going to steal the show, we were going to steal their name. We bought the space for the last name on Jonathan McDonald's shirt and instead wrote "Burger King". We obtained $ 5,493,881 in return for our investment and 1,607,015 people were reached.
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La Tienda Creativa Burger King Referencias
"Hidden Immigrants" The "Hidden Immigrants" campaign ran on film and print ads on digital and traditional media, targeted at the general audience by placing it on high-impact platforms. It ran both nationwide and on international media to impact key players on the issue to move public opinion and to build pressure onto policymakers by way of key international actors. Irregular migration is both a symptom and a cause for poor social and economic development. With this campaign we moved general opinion and impacted key players on the issue, promoting donations and building up pressure on policymakers to ensure safe means for the population, particularly children, to achieve the UN's sustainable development goals.
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el Taier DDb Centro El Refugio de la Niñez Referencias
@Wal-Marito Walmart’s prices aren’t just better than the competitions’, they’re better than what you’ll pay a reseller for used goods. To prove it, we turned our brand (Walmart) into a person (@wal_marito). Wal_marito then listed brand new Walmart items on the country’s four major reselling platforms. He received thousands of inquiries and gave each one a version of the same response: yes, the item is new. Yes, at that price. Yes, it’s still available (at your local Walmart). Wal_marito turned online resale shoppers into Walmart shoppers, tapping into a new source of traffic for both in-store and online. With a media budget of $0, @wal_marito was a new way to connect with thousands of people to show them that no matter who’s selling – store or person – the best price is always at Walmart.
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Leo Burnett Costa Rica & Starcom Guatemala Walmart Referencias
Bullying Park School bullying, like bullying outside the school context, refers to one or more perpetrators who have greater physical or social power than their victim and act aggressively toward their victim by verbal or physical means. This behavior is not a one-off episode; it must be repetitive and habitual to be considered bullying. Students who are LGBT, have parents of lower educational levels, are thought to be provocative, are perceived to be vulnerable, or are atypical or considered outsiders are at higher risk of being victimized by bullies. Such "aggressive behavior is behavior that is directed towards the goal of harming or injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment”. This campaign aims to show that there is no fun in bullying, only fear. To raise people's awareness, it aims to put the audience in the shoes of children who every day are victimized at school, in the streets, in their neighborhoods, and at home. All this with a clear call to raise awareness and be part of the movement.
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el Taier DDb Centro International Esperanza Project Referencias
Criaturas no mitológicas In June 2019, when Ocean week is celebrated, we made a special edition of the corona bottle label that raised awareness on endangered sea species. We distributed this limited edition bottle, consisting of fifteen thousand bottles, in our events, bars, and restaurants. After the campaign launch, more than 150 volunteers attended the first two beach cleanings, with more than 253 Kg of trash collected per beach and more than 300K m² covered at the end of 2019. The subsequent beach cleanings increased by 20%, and by the beginning of 2020, we had an increase of over 40%. Approximately 19,800 people signed up to the beach cleaning network, 12% more than the number of bottles made. Brand awareness also increased 5% after Ocean's Week.
  • ORO : Bien Social: Causas ambientales
el Taier DDB Centro Ambev - Cerveza Corona Referencias
Flea Conservation Center What if, instead of focusing on the key benefits of Bravecto antiparasitic formula, we focus on the hypothetical situation where almost all the dogs in the world consume it? Wouldn't that endanger the parasites that plague them? We created 6 long Conservation Center episodes plus 2 short tactical videos that we aired and promoted in YouTube and TV. We segmented out the audience, focusing on people with interest in pets, and we used the recent Video Ad Sequencing technique, in order to provide a lucid story in our preferred order. Although several episodes were more than one minute long and they were online, we achieved an average play rate of 84%, way better than the usual 41-60%, making this a success case in YouTube. Furthermore, at the present moment, with 700K+ views, the interaction / view ratio is 28%, which is outstanding, since brand video campaigns in YouTube don't usually report even a 1%.
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Publimark Bravecto Referencias
Fry Tags Brief: Celebrate International Friend's Day with a digital action that gets people talking. Idea: Using the feature of tagging in an innovative way on Instagram stories, we invited people to fill an empty fries box with their friends, share it and hope to win a bucket of our fries to eat with them. Results: 8.000 fries boxes were filled and shared. 110.000 friends tagged as fries. Our Instagram account grew 10% in fans in just a couple of hours. We reached 2.2 million Instagram accounts (out of 3.8mm in the country) without showing a single fry.
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Orson McDonald´s Referencias
HACKING FANS In Costa Rica football is everything and FUTV was created to become the exclusive channel of the national championship. However, some cable companies refused to acquire the channel, forcing a lot of users to hijack the signal to avoid missing the most important events of football. We took advantage of the fan’s despair and created a fake profile and a website promising to stream one of the most important games in HD for free. During the broadcast, we made several playful interruptions forcing people to go to our website to enjoy the game without distractions. Once there, an anti-piracy message was waiting for them and we gave them the option to generate a direct tweet to their cable companies requesting FUTV. If you want to check this is real, go to the links: Fake Facebook fan page: Website:
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TEAH FUTV Referencias
NUMAR REUSE READY Context: Besides being the leading margarine brand in the country with a 90% market share, there is another way in which Numar is part of the Costa Rican culture: their packaging is everyone’s low budget “Tupperware”. Every time margarine runs out, people usually store another food in the container: beans, rice, pasta, and even soup, yes!... soup. Insight: Therefore, it is very common to open a Numar container expecting to find margarine and… surprise! There’s something else in it. (We know, very disappointing, sorry about that). Idea: We launched a special edition packaging ready to reuse. We simply left a blank and erasable space in our packaging for people to re-label it each time they want to store something different. Results: (After two months). -Organic interactions increased 275%. -Brand's sales increased 2.1%. -Special edition sold out before the estimated time. -The project worked as a pilot plan and today it is implemented in all the brand's packaging. -All while promoting plastic reuse.
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Madison Numar Referencias
Pilsen 6.0 In 2010, Pilsen 6.0 was launched as an in and out and became a true legend. 10 years later, the beer returned to the market, for all their fans, it was worth the wait.
  • BRONCE : Audiovisual: Bebidas alcohólicas
Garnier BBDO Pilsen Referencias
Reusing "Plastic" by Rubén Blades MarViva is a non-profit organization that fights for the conservation of the oceans, responsible fishing and pollution. His platform against the use of plastic, called "Disposable Plastic Chao", has very little impact among the media, influencers and the general public. In alliance with the famous Panamanian singer Rubén Blades, we released "Re-using Plastic". A campaign that takes the artist's most famous song called "Plastic", but gives it a new meaning by removing parts of the lyrics. The song initially spoke of a superficial or "plastic" life, but with the adjustments made and maintaining the same salsa rhythm, now it refers to the excessive use of disposable plastic. The new song was a hit on radio, TV shows, and audio platforms. Thousands of people joined an Instagram & TikTok challenge, posting the artist's song but showing ways to reduce and recycle plastic. + $ 1 MILLION MEDIA EARN + 8 MILLION PEOPLE REACHED + 13 000 PEOPLE JOINED THE CHALLENGE + 150 BUSINESSES SIGNED AN AGREEMENT TO REMOVE PLASTIC
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McCann Panamá MarViva Referencias
ShhhApp, the app that pays for your silence What if a new app pays you for staying silent? The more you shut up, the more money you accumulate in ShhhApp. Would you use it? That was the premise of our teaser campaign. Once people were talking about it, ready to download it, asking about how much it will pay, asking when it was going to be released... we launched a short film, our real Christmas campaign, about a dystopian reality in which ShhhApp becomes the most used app everywhere, and everybody is silent, forever. Business results were historic for the brand. An 10% increase in plan sales was expected compared to the same period of the previous year; more than 39% was achieved. In terminal sales, 5% was expected; almost 59% was achieved. Interactions achieved significantly exceeded those contracted, by more than 400%. Consumer feedback reflected the overwhelmingly positive impact of the campaign.
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Publimark kölbi Referencias
SIN ETIQUETAS PERO CON CORAZÓN El Salvador, like the rest of the world, suffered greatly because of the worldwide pandemic. Restaurants and Bars were especially hit economically, having to close their doors for more than 80 days. Pilsener, the country's most iconic brand, had to help the places that helped make it famous stay open. That is why for the first time in Pilsener's history we stopped making our labels and instead donated that money to restaurants and bars that needed help. We call it: No Labels only a heart. We bottled more than 25 million beers without a label and donated that money to help more than 1,500 restaurants that directly provide employment to more than 25,000 people.
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Ogilvy El Salvador Pilsener Referencias
Sonidos de Destrucción Brand Values As you know all too well, to reduce plastic waste, Cerveza Corona has been working alongside many ocean conservation organizations for years. Since 2017, in a bid to protect more than 100 islands and protect paradise, Corona has launched countless campaigns, challenges, and volunteering opportunities. Objective The objective was clear: to launch a contextual campaign that will not only have an impact on people but the whole planet. We directly compared the most devastating natural disasters in recent times (Mitch, Katrina, Nina, etc.) with the impact that daily More than 1 million birds, and around 100,000 turtles and mammals die each year due to the 8 million pounds of plastics that enter our oceans every year, according to the UN. The negative environmental impact that straws have in the restaurant industry has sparked debate since 2019. This debate has raged in social media throughout the world. So much so, that governments all over the world began banning single-use straws. With Sounds of Destruction campaign we connected with the public through a relevant and direct comparison of natural disasters that affected the country and the world and the widespread use of single-use plastic straws. A severe problem which, if we don't take action now, will create a worse disaster in the future. We aired the campaign on prime time on Guatemala's primary radio stations. We chose specific radio stations that cater to a more urban and young demographic, which we know are sensitive to environmental messaging and can access our digital platforms. After we connected with our chosen demographic, we sensitized them to our cause; our message resonates with anyone who lived through Mitch or any other storm that ravaged our country (or has watched the news at any point in their lives). The message was simple but powerful and emotional. To end our efforts, we urged listeners to join our crusade at to save the world's paradises. Thus, creating a movement.
  • BRONCE : Radio y Audio: Bebidas alcohólicas
el Taier DDb Centro Cerveza Corona Referencias
Streets Of Shame On May 2020, the law project that will change the life of thousands of women as it would punish the harassers with a fine or jail was ready to be voted at the Legislative Assembly. Who could be against preventing women from being harassed and disrespected? 12 deputies who decided to sent the law project to review, jeopardizing its approval Acción Respeto, along with other feminists collectives, decided to make this situation visible, in order to achieve the approval of the law in a second debate.Through the Hollaback app, an app created to report harassment in the streets, we discovered the 12 points of greatest harassment in the city and we name those streets with the names of the 12 deputies who stopped the project law, blaming them for the harassment that women will continue to suffer on that street because of them. Thanks to that On July 20th, the law enter in a second debate and it was approved unanimously, by all the 47 deputies, including those 12 who were not in favor.
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McCann Costa Rica Acción Respeto Referencias
STREETVERTISING Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a small country, its capital is not exempt from traffic jams. Small streets in poor conditions, with nonsense traffic signs and WITHOUT A NAME… Yes, nameless streets! All of this causes chaos on the roads. That’s why Costa Rica is the third country that uses Waze GPS APP the most in Latin America. (Source: Waze Index) Spending 40 days and 960 hours listen it as an unconditional co-pilot to try to get rid of traffic jams. (Source: State Of The Nation Report) But Gollo Motors, the largest motorcycle dealer in Costa Rica, came up with a better solution. What we did? We used Waze Editor, found the unnamed streets with traffic jams, and we named them with Gollo motorcycle ads with special discount and 24 hours later Waze started to sound like this: In 400 meters turn onto street: “Drive without traffic jams with a gollo motorcycle with 10% discount.”
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McCann Costa Rica GOLLO MOTORS Referencias
THE BIGGEST BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN Gollo Presents: THE BIGGEST BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN In the month of the fight against breast cancer, on the advice of health professionals, we turned our logo into a breast self-examination guide and changed it on all our materials. Transforming more than 100 million of advertising investment into the biggest breast cancer campaign in the country. By changing our logo, instead of doing a prevention message, we did +5000 messages educating women on how to do a breast self-exam. Our guide was seen by approximately 3.7 million people, in a country of 5 million.
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McCann Costa Rica Gollo Referencias
THE COMBO GAMER ROYALE Fall Guys, is the newest video game thats taking over costa rican gamers, making it the second country in the world with more active players and shares. But if that wasn't amazing enough, for its first season, Fall Guys launched the Fast Food Skin Pack. Good news for KFC, because we had to sell our iconic Combo Gamer with a free add-on product.
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McCann Costa Rica KFC Referencias
THE COVER THAT FREED A PEOPLE HE COVER THAT FREED A PEOPLE After several months of civilian unrest, amid a hunger strike held by the mothers of political prisoners, the government decided to cut off the water supply to the protestors and imprisoning the supporters. If demonstrations cannot be held, and a carrying simple water bottle can take you to jail, La Prensa newspaper decided to take action. We took the newspaper cover and printed the word NICARAGUA (“Agua” in Spanish is water) in a picture of a bottle of water. A simple call to action for the people to support. Nicaraguans responded. Our newspaper was a protest sign used in social media and public places. The message resonated, people were leaving behind water bottles in shopping malls and sharing pictures as a sign of protest. Using two ordinary objects: a newspaper and a water bottle, we gave back to Nicaraguans the right to protest.
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Ogilvy News Paper  
THE LAST ANALOG COMMERCIAL In August 14, 2019 Costa Rica’s National Shutdown Day happened. A day were all the transmissions of the country switched to digital, leaving thousands of costa ricans who used analog signals without a functional TV. That’s why Gollo, the largest retail store of the country felt responsible to help those who were going through this crisis and created: The Last Analog Commercial. Literally the last analog commercial of the country which just before the big shutdown, revealed a unique code to use in our e-commerce and obtain a 50% discount in any of our TVs of Showing that sometimes is best, to be last.
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McCann Costa Rica Gollo Referencias
THE LAST GOLLO CUMBIA In 2020 Naughty Dog released one of the most anticipated games of the year, “the last of us 2” in which playing covers became more important than killing zombies. Gollo, the largest retail store in Costa Rica, found an absurd way to organically enter the trend and thus connect with its gamers consumers: with his jingle "La Gollo Cumbia" which has been a cultural icon of the country for over 20 years. We joined with Central Gaming, the most important digital gaming channel in Costa Rica and Central America, with a simple dynamics, play the Gollo Cumbia and win a discount on gamers items. The more similar the song was, the greater the discount. And of course, the gamers accepted the challenge.
  • PLATA : Experience: Hogar/oficina/electrónica
McCann Costa Rica Gollo Referencias
THE MAGIC OF CINEMA 1 During the pandemic we could not go to the movie theater, so Gollo, the largest retail store in Costa Rica, decided to announce their Sony Sound Bars so that even when we were at home we would not loose the cinema experience. So we created a series of fun radio commercials with the most recognized movie intros.
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McCann Costa Rica Sony Sound Bar Referencias
THE MAGIC OF CINEMA 2 During the pandemic we could not go to the movie theater, so Gollo, the largest retail store in Costa Rica, decided to announce their Sony Sound Bars so that even when we were at home we would not loose the cinema experience. So we created a series of fun radio commercials with the most recognized movie intros.
  • BRONCE : Radio y Audio:. Hogar/oficina/electrónica
McCann Costa Rica Sony Sound Bar Referencias
THE MAILBOX OF WISHES A mystery that begins and ends in a field is part of the ingredients of “Wishes”, the short film of Banco Nacional, that intend to refloat the importance of solidarity and good wishes at Christmas. Banco Nacional is the largest bank in Costa Rica and this film were published on the Internet, and national TV between the most important programs with the largest audience
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McCann Costa Rica Banco Nacional Referencias
The Recommendation Letter Taco Bell has the largest inclusion program in the country. But as much as we wanted to, we could not employ all unemployed people with disabilities. What we could do was write them a recommendation letter based on all our experience and signed by our CEO. The world’s first open recommendation letter of its kind.
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Garnier BBDO Taco Bell Referencias
The Whopper Kid Whopper sales had fallen after the pandemic. We had to increase the overall sales, those of the Whopper and position it in the Top of the consumers again. In a social context where the bad news where in all the media, we seek to link the Whopper with good news and the most searched word is: Humor. Tiktok, the perfect place for memes and virality, is one of the favorite platforms for those looking to laugh. The last viral video with millions of views was a boy making a particular sound (HMMMMMM) in a chain of convenience stores in Mexico, but the chain closed its doors on him. Here we found a great opportunity, we took one of the most viral videos of the moment as our platform to remind people of our flagship product, achieving 271M people reached and $ 22.5M in publicity.
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La Tienda Creativa Burger King Referencias
Tortura A simple plastic bag can represent extreme suffering – and even death – for thousands of animals in the oceans. Depicting this unfortunate truth through strong images, Sea Shepherd, an NGO focused on the conservation of marine wildlife, has launched this awareness campaign, showing different marine animals in extreme agony after contact with plastic used in our daily lives. Designed to be used only in print, out-of-home and social media in Brazil, the campaign had a huge global repercussion, gaining visibility in newspapers and websites all over the world. Once Sea Shepherd has a global presence and the cause a positive international adherence, it has decided to expand its coverage to several markets such United States, Chile, Guatemala, Belgium, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, and Australia among others. 1 month after the start of the communication, the European Parliament approved a law banning single-use plastic items, by 2021.
  • ORO : Prensa y Publicaciones / Bien Social
el Taier DDB Centro Sea shepherd Referencias
Wake Up Ads One of the main causes of night car accidents in Costa Rica is people falling asleep while driving. A British neuromarketing research firm called Mindlab, showed how specific sounds affect brain activity in men and women to keep them awake. That’s why we created The Wake Up Ads, radio spots that kept people awake with horror stories that had theses sounds in them. They were aired between 11pm and 4am, the hours where more night accidents in Costa Rica take place, so people hear those horror stories before they become one.
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